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LPK Awards Water Conservation Startup

This week, at the sixth annual Cincinnati Innovates awards, LPK recognized the efforts of water conservation start-up Lagoon with an award for $10,000 worth of branding and design services.

Lagoon, a start-up focusing on water conservation, uses an app and water sensor that can easily be installed in 60 seconds to detect water leaks and decrease household expenses through water-flow monitoring.

“We chose Lagoon because of their eager efforts in sustainability and the usefulness of their product,” says LPK Vice President and Managing Director of Creative Technologies Robert Remley.

After seeing drought-riddled regions of Texas and California, co-founder and current Chief Technology Officer Nathan Heidt was inspired to take a serious look at water usage. Parlaying his work at a University of Michigan robotics lab, Heidt and his team ran experiments and measured water flow through pipes for a better way to conserve water.

Lagoon would like to expand their efforts to retail, selling not only their water sensor and app, but also water-efficient toilets and faucets.


For the past five years, LPK has partnered with Cincinnati Innovates to fuel innovation in our start-up community.

”We have a passion for sustainability and resource conservation,” says Remley. “We are committed to helping Lagoon with our creative and design talent to bring their innovative sustainability ideas to life.”

Visit Lagoon’s website to order your own Lagoon system and join the water-saving community.

Find out more about the Cincinnati Innovates awards from The Cincinnati Enquirer.


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