Our Ever-Changing Collaborative Canvas

25 Aug 2014
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Alan Kastner

Life is about continual growth and change. That’s why we seek environments—at home or at work—that do the same. At LPK, we look at our workspace as a collaborative canvas—a refreshing and transforming art installation reflective of those who live, work and play within it that reminds us to always be passionate. The end result is a masterpiece of creative contributions that we all own together.

LPK’s latest collaborative art installation, “What a Relief!” explores the potential for our environment to energize us. By creating tactile works of relief art out of repurposed cardboard, this project reminds us to stop, take a deep breath and well, just be relieved.

Check out photos of our latest installation by searching #WhatARelief on Instagram.

What A Relief! is just our latest art installation. Others include: Doodles That Stick, LPK Lights It Up, It’s the Love of the Throwback and a tribute to sculptor Anish Kapoor.