The Fail-Proof Unplanned Plan of an LPK Intern

22 Aug 2014
The Fail-Proof Unplanned Plan of an LPK Intern
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This past May, 20 new interns began their journey at LPK. Their roles varied widely across the brand design spectrum—from design, client services and social media to trends, fashion and IT. Over the past three months they comped, concepted, researched and wrote copy.

But they also stepped out of their comfort zones to engage in a collaborative group project and theatrical presentation based on Daniel Pink’s best-selling comic-book career guide, “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko.” Pink’s advice quickly set them off on the right path, reminding them to keep an open mind since “there is no plan”—the workplace is continually evolving. This became a guiding principle over the summer as the interns encountered opportunities to expand their professional experiences by embracing tasks beyond their job descriptions.

Check out their Tumblr and the video they produced for a glimpse at their unexpected journey.