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How to Win in Today’s Latina-Driven Beauty Market

In her latest contribution to The Rose Sheet, LPK’s Elle Morris offers a personal perspective on the rise of the U.S. Latina market and the implications and opportunities for the beauty industry.

“Beauty brands must reconsider how they’re talking to us,” says Morris, a Cuban-American. “The blanket identifiers and stereotypical beauty ideals that oversimplify our backgrounds, needs and lifestyles will only alienate us. Because we don’t all have café con leche skin and J. Lo booties. We’re freckled, kinky-haired, blue-eyed and black-skinned.”

Read more about the many faces of today’s Latina and how brands can capitalize on the virtue of vanity to connect with these deeply engaged and highly influential consumers.

Elle Morris is an unapologetic beauty junkie with beauty in her blood. As vice president and managing director of key global accounts at LPK, she pulls from her Latina heritage and extensive travels to impart an inherent understanding of how beauty varies across cultures. Follow this passionate aesthete on Twitter (@ElleMorrisCinci) or Instagram (@thisbeautyjunkie), or email her at elle.morris@lpk.com.

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