Award-Winning Brand Storytelling Boosts Ecotourism

10 Jul 2014
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LPK was recently honored with The Nature Conservancy of Ohio’s first ever Storyteller’s Award and special recognition from the Ohio Senate for our branding and design efforts in Adams County, Ohio. The work has boosted ecotourism at the Conservancy’s Edge of Appalachia Preserve and led to the county’s best financial year for tourism—setting new records for overnight stays.

“I fell in love with Adams County years ago—its rich history, its natural wonders, its handmade and homegrown goods,” said LPK Senior Creative Director and Nature Conservancy Board Member Rick Conner. “Visiting is like stepping back in time, away from the fast pace of modern living. I wanted to share that experience with everyone.”

Conner and fellow environmentalist/LPK Senior Designer James Billiter drew on their passion for the outdoors to help Adams County tell its story in a very distinct way that captures the emotions of residents and visitors alike.

The work was inspired by local barn quilt paintings, a form of folk art originating in Adams County that has since become a nationwide phenomenon.


“Barn quilts were created as a way to preserve stories about family, history and culture,” said Billiter. “We took that legacy and applied it to a branding system whose quilt-square icons showcase all the county has to offer.”

“The system delights young and old alike as they decipher each pattern,” says Conner. “The entire experience is an adventure in itself.”

The work involved LPK’s strategy, design, verbal and digital disciplines and was executed across several mediums, including signage, a mobile and desktop website, print pieces and social media marketing. The website quickly saw a 14 percent increase in traffic, and the mobile version an astounding 54 percent.


“LPK took the time to really get to know Adams County and help us tell our story in a unique yet very culturally relevant way,” said Executive Director of Adams County Travel & Visitors Bureau Tom Cross. “We are grateful for LPK’s willingness to invest in our community. The positive effects of their work on our economic prosperity and quality of life will be felt for years to come.”

Want to explore the Edge of Appalachia and discover Adams County’s patchwork of history and nature? Visit their website to plan your next trip.