Beautyrest Inspires LPK to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

20 Jun 2014
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The Northern Hemisphere is quickly approaching its longest day: the Summer Solstice. The extra daylight hours gained usually end in celebration of one of the year’s most infamously restless nights.

One evening of summertime revelry won’t tack too many hours onto your sleep debt, but we have learned through our partnership with Beautyrest that getting enough sleep does a body an incredible amount of good. Being well-rested protects your body against infection, chronic disease and weight gain. Unfortunately, nearly 80 percent of working adults suffer from sleep deprivation.

Because it’s not enough to be healthy just while we’re awake, organizations like the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Sleep Research Society are sending a strong message with their sleep campaign, “Sleep Well, Be Well”: reinforcing the importance of sleep to our overall wellness.

A creative mind is often a restless mind, so we took a self-reflective peek at the ways we sleep and how the quality and quantity affect our creativity, mood and perception.

What’s keeping you up at night?