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Morris & Goodpaster Talk Growing Latina Influencers at Global Beauty Expo

Latina Americans are fully embracing the duality of their heritage. Possibly the first minority group to withstand the proverbial melting pot and resist assimilation into mainstream American culture, they’re choosing to live their lives as both fully American and fully Latina—a phenomenon known as ambiculturalism.

LPK Vice President and Managing Director of Key Global Accounts Elle Morris and Trends Creative Director Bryan Goodpaster will explore Latina ambiculturalism as it relates to the global beauty industry at next week’s HBA Global Expo. The two will share insights on U.S. Latinas’ identities, their relationships with social media, trends among Latina millennials and ways to capture these increasingly important consumers.

“This emerging demographic of Latina women represents an expected spending power of $1.5 trillion in 2015,” says Goodpaster, “yet marketers’ understanding of how to connect with the Latina values, identity and desires is, for the most part, absent.”

The symposium marks Goodpaster and Morris’ second time speaking at the Expo, the beauty industry’s largest product development and educational conference. The event runs from June 10–12 at the Javits Center in New York. Click here to learn more or to register.

Follow conference hashtag #hbaglobalexpo on Twitter to join the conversation. And don’t miss real-time updates from Elle (@ElleMorrisCinci) and Bryan (@bryangoodpaster) throughout the conference next week.

Elle Morris is an unapologetic beauty junkie with beauty in her blood. As vice president and managing director of key global accounts at LPK, she pulls from her Latina heritage and extensive travels to impart an inherent understanding of how beauty varies across cultures. Follow this passionate aesthete on Twitter at @ElleMorrisCinci or email her at elle.morris@lpk.com.

Bryan Goodpaster is a creative director at LPK, where he is often called upon for his non-traditional approach and strategic consultancy—helping crack wicked brand problems and strategic conundrums for many category-leading brands. Part semiotician, part psychologist, Bryan has known what you really meant by that for over 15 years. Follow Bryan on Twitter at @bryangoodpaster or email him at bryan.goodpaster@lpk.com.

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