A Sustainability Challenge: Design for a Difference

22 Apr 2014
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At LPK, we’re committed to empowering brands with the vision and courage to be extraordinary. To inspire others, we lead by example in our own pursuit of the extraordinary—not only as a global creative authority, but also as stewards of a better planet.

LPK’s Green Team proudly captures the ways we’ve lived up to this commitment with Design for a Difference. It highlights examples of our passion to make an equally positive impact on our communities as we do on our brands. Grounded by our Triple Bottom Line philosophy, Design for a Difference showcases the power of sustainability to unlock new potential and create extraordinary opportunities for brands to better themselves, the lives they reach and the planet we share.

Today, as the world celebrates Earth Day, I invite you to read about our commitment to sustainability and the steps we are taking to preserve the vitality of our planet for generations to come.

Download our 2013 sustainability report, Design for a Difference.

Rick Conner is a senior creative director and founder of the LPK Green Team. He currently sits on The Nature Conservancy’s Ohio Board of Trustees. Rick has a deep love and understanding for the natural world. He fuels his passion by strengthening LPK’s understanding of sustainability with a desire to help our clients better meet the needs of their consumers in a more sustainable way.