Our Interns Pledge to Die Empty

17 Apr 2014
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It happens to the best of us. We come to a point in our careers where we start to feel hindered rather than inspired by our projects and goals. Feeling overwhelmed, we fall into harmful habits that take us further away from our true objectives.


Todd Henry’s book Die Empty combats this counterproductive process by embracing the importance of now. He cautions against going to our graves with our best work still inside us; rather, we should give our best every day so we can “die empty.”

This semester, LPK’s interns read Henry’s succinct yet masterful manual to fully explore these concepts and more. They also questioned employees about what we hoped to accomplish during our time at LPK. The work culminated in an inspiring company-wide presentation—at which Henry was the guest of honor—where they shared the gems they unearthed from Die Empty and encouraged us to live in the now and act today on our ambitions.

“Action defines reality—not thought, not knowledge,” Todd Henry told the LPK audience.


Curiosity is an integral quality to the concept of Die Empty. It instigates exploration, investigation and learning.

“Curiosity is a basic human desire—every child is born with it but most adults lose it,” says LPK Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Nathan Hendricks. “A huge issue for any creative is feeling like you’ve seen it all, but you need to have curiosity in your heart if you’re a designer. Protect it, cultivate it, make sure it is nurtured.”

In the end, your impact on the world won’t be measured by what you wanted to do, but by what you’ve done. So the question is, when that time comes for you, will you leave this world with an impressive to-do list, or will you die empty? The choice is yours.