Collaborative Doodling: Beauty in the Margins of Our Sketchbooks

10 Mar 2014
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Alan Kastner

At LPK, we fuel our curiosity by allowing our personal passions to inspire us.

Whether it’s a senior designer or a brand leader, we all bide some of our time by mindless, or not so mindless, sketching. Scribbling at meetings, doodling during conference calls or drawing at our work stations—the pen and our creative mind remain as one active being.

Our creative minds fill the margins of our notes with launch dates, strategy plans and ideation sessions with sketches of all shapes and sizes. So, I asked for LPK employees from around the globe to send in their doodles, sketches and drawings from their moleskins and notebooks. Designers Chris Bautista and James Billiter composed all the sketches into an ever-flowing doodle masterpiece.


TED Speaker Sunni Brown, an advocate of doodling and sketching in the workplace, believes that doodling improves our creative problem solving and deep thinking. She clarifies that it engages all four learning modalities (visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic) and is an incredibly powerful tool to help us leverage highly information-dense situations to help us think without losing focus. You can check out her 6-minute TED video here.


When all the doodles are together, we’re overwhelmed by the power of our collaborative expression. This represents LPK as a thriving creativity community.