Bryan Goodpaster Examines Risks of Opting in to Tech in UX Magazine

19 Feb 2014
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With an increase in big data breaches and security gaffes compromising people’s privacy, LPK’s Creative Director Bryan Goodpaster discusses our need to re-evaluate technology’s impacts and interactions with our confidentiality. Bryan points out that:

“Massive amounts of biometric data offer a brand the potential to access user data discretely, and without the assistance of a handheld device. Simple surveillance technologies can use facial recognition to assess buying habits, establish credit potential or predict any number of purchase behaviors. Last year, a handful of retailers deployed bionic mannequins equipped with facial recognition software, surveillance cameras and sensors—capable of tracking shoppers’ gender, age, race, facial expressions and more. Other technologies which use customers’ in-store Wi-Fi connections to track traffic patterns and shopper frequency are being used by retailers ranging from Family Dollar to Warby Parker.”

Click here to read more on Bryan’s article, “The Hubris and Humility of Opting In” in UX Magazine.

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Bryan Goodpaster is a creative director at LPK, where he is often called upon for his non-traditional approach and strategic consultancy—helping crack wicked brand problems and strategic conundrums for many category-leading brands. Part semiotician, part psychologist, Bryan has known what you really meant by that for over 15 years. Follow Bryan on Twitter at @bryangoodpaster or email him at