LPK Interns Ask: “How Do You Get Out of a Creative Rut?”

20 Dec 2013
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Great ideas don’t always come easy, and sometimes you need a little spark to ignite an extraordinary idea. When you’re stuck in a rut, how do you get out of it?

The 18 interns who called LPK home this past semester set out to answer just that. Armed only with an iPhone and their own insatiable curiosity, they picked the brains of LPK creatives across the globe.


“We really wanted to capture the inspiration of LPK,” said Client Services Intern Andre Elkins. “We wanted to find out what inspires the employees of this agency and learn what they do to overcome creative challenges on a daily basis.”

Their research culminated in an insightful (and amusing) video they’ve titled “Catching the Spark.” Check it out for tips on getting in touch with your own creative muse!

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Video credit: Design Intern Josh Virelli

Music Credit: Design Intern Kyle Bennett