Staying Power—LPK’s Michael Wintrob Talks the Essence of Social Media and Branding with Cincinnati Business Courier

20 Aug 2013
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The impact social media has on the branding, advertising and marketing industries is astounding. Social media opens up a whole new dialogue for consumers. Cincinnati Business Courier recently interviewed LPK’s Strategy Director Michael Wintrob on the staying power of social media in the branding industry:

That two-way aspect of social media was a game changer. And often it can be more than a two-way conversation: “Not just a dialogue, but what we could call a multilogue. Not just consumers talking to a brand, but consumers talking to consumers about the brand. I think that was the major switch,” Wintrob said.

Social media is cheaper than traditional methods of advertising, but it also raises the bar, Wintrob said. Content constantly has to be created, and it’s not enough for Jim Beam—one of LPK’s clients—to ask people what they drink on Friday nights.

In the Courier’s 2013 “Top of the List: Largest Advertising, Marketing, Branding Agencies” rankings, LPK  joins Possible, Empower MediaMarketing, Gyro and Landor Associates as the top five in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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