The Vitality of Happiness—LPK’s Interns Share How Being Happy Gives Businesses a Competitive Edge

14 Aug 2013
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Happiness. It’s essential to us in more ways than one. It leads to success in many aspects of our lives including health, marriage, friendships, creativity and jobs.

This semester’s LPK interns explored this integral emotion and how it makes for a better person and a better business. After collectively reading the book The Happiness Advantage—The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work by Shawn Achor, the interns collaborated for a week-long internal campaign to share their knowledge with the rest of us.


Achor’s research shows that positive employees outperform negative employees in terms of productivity, sales, energy levels and health-care costs.

“LPK is a company with a conscience, we care about the happiness and well-being of our people,” says Creative Director John Kuchenmeister. “I had read the book a couple of times and found it to be very practical knowledge. It pays to have a happy workforce.”

“A positive attitude can lead to success. But on the flip side, being successful does not always mean you will be happy. It was a good book for the times we live in,” he added.

The interns created interactive exhibits around the Cincinnati office. A giant Tetris wall supported the “Tetris Effect” theory, referenced by Achor, which suggests that we can prime our brains to see happiness everywhere—similar to when we condition our minds to find gaps in Tetris. Employees were encouraged to write what makes them happy at work onto a Tetris block and place it on the wall.


In addition to the Tetris wall, the interns hung posters around the office, illustrating some of Achor’s theories, and handed out personal goal sheets. Achieving small, attainable goals boosts confidence and makes for a positively energized work environment.


Following all their hard work, the interns had the opportunity to present their project as a whole to the rest of the company.

“Our goal was to show how positive thinking improves not just our mood, but also our productivity and creativity,” says Intern Ray Vazquez. “When we commit ourselves to forming meaningful connections and learning what we can from every situation, we are equipped to propel toward great ideas and even better solutions. Through my experience, it is clear to see that the employees here really love what they do.”


How does your business practice happiness? Visit Shawn Achor’s website to learn more about positivity in the workplace here.