Vice President and Group Director Liz Grubow Spoke at the School of Design at Jiangnan University

16 Jul 2013
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Vice President and Group Director of LPK Beauty Liz Grubow recently traveled to China to visit and speak with design educators, professionals and students about the role of design and beauty narratives for brands in China, Korea and Japan. During her stay, Liz participated in a panel discussion at the Wuxi International Design Expo which was taking place at the School of Design in Jiangnan University.

Liz, who spoke alongside a panel of international design educators, shared her research findings on the evolving habits of young Asian consumers and the unique ways that design can help brands better connect with this increasingly informed and influential group of people. Design’s goals should be to bring the brand’s meaning to life, create differentiation and relevance and build trust as a driver of authenticity and credibility.

Liz outlined the current consumer trends she sees as having the most opportunity for brands in Asia: a rising interest in mixing traditional Chinese medicine with new techniques, the explosion of professional, physician-endorsed cosmeceuticals, the evolution of whitening and the changing habits and shopping patterns of Asian male consumers.

Liz’s awareness of the impact that design and innovation can have on business comes from her experience leading brand identity programs for some of the world’s leading beauty brands, for which consumer insight and technical innovation require constant re-evaluation, and her passion for decoding evolving global beauty standards has been a driving force in her career. Her influence has helped reframe the conversations brands are having with consumers in developing countries, where purchasing decisions are guided by the extremely personal aspirations people have for their futures.

Look for more content on Liz’s Asia research in the coming weeks, as she shares some of the conversations she’s had with young consumers in China and her insights on the differences in design education between Asian and Western cultures.