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LPK’s Mario Van der Meulen to Present at Graphic Design Biennial in Brazil

Mario Van der Meulen, LPK Singapore executive creative director, is speaking at the 10th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial in Sao Paulo on June 15. His presentation, titled “Design in a Sustainable Era,” explores new approaches for designing with a global conscience, encouraging designers of all disciplines to rethink their role, especially when it comes to selecting materials.

Hosted by the Brazilian Graphic Designers Association (ADG Brasil), the Biennial has been, since its inception in 1992, the grand celebration of Brazilian Graphic Design.

A published author and award-winning designer, Mario has spoken at various leading universities in China and industry events in Asia, and is a regular invitee for jury participation at design competitions. In 2012, he was recognized by CBNweekly, one of the country’s leading business publications, as one of China’s Top 50 Innovation Pioneers.

Visit the ADG Brasil website for the full list of speakers and to learn more about the event.

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