CEO Jerry Kathman to Speak at International Design Expo in Wuxi, China

21 May 2013
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As the world remains in a state of rapid social and economic change, design professionals are approaching innovation with social values in mind.

LPK’s President and Chief Executive Officer Jerry Kathman will speak at the Wuxi International Design Expo. Summit Forum & Re-Design Design Education Conference on May 24 about the four timeless principles that designers must always embrace in order to achieve leadership status in their industry. The conference, subtitled “New Contexts, New Problems, and New Approaches,” will address the role of design in public administration and services like health care and education. Experts from the US, Europe, China and other parts of Asia will present research and offer their insights on questions of design policy and social innovation to an audience of professionals and students.

The conference begins May 24 and is organized by Jiangnan University’s School of Design. Click here to learn more about the event and the list of keynote speakers.


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