Don’t Call it a Comeback, It’s the Love of the Throwback

02 May 2013
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We have to admit we are a bit smitten with the “throwback” trend. One of Instagram’s top five hashtags, #TBT, or #throwbackthursday, has Instagrammers swooning every Thursday, reliving their past and reminiscing over sentimental good times.

This love affair predates its infectious virality on social media. One of the seminal throwback moments occurred 20 years ago when the Chicago White Sox donned replicas of their 1917 World Series uniforms to celebrate the final season of the old Comiskey Park. It grew from there, with the professional and collegiate sports worlds adopting the practice for special games, tapping into fans’ fascination with the history and legends of their favorite sports.

The popularity of the throwback has extended to brands, who are embracing their retro designs in celebration of their heritage. In 2009, Pepsi launched its Throwback line, marking a return to original packaging and a close-to-the-original formula sweetened with beet sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup. General Mills has launched limited-edition retro cereal boxes in Target and Herbal Essences recently re-released original packaging and scents. For those of us old enough to appreciate it, these designs trigger a walk down memory lane.


Perhaps it’s yet another way to engage with older consumers, or arouse Millennials’ romantic notions of the past. At LPK we’re embracing the throwback for its power to reignite memories of when our creative spirit first came to life. LPK Master Designer Chris Bautista and Creative Director Alan Kastner (their throwback photos below) have created an interactive installation of employees’ throwback photos with digital and social media engagement, using memory-invoking hashtags such as #thegoonies and #totallytubular.


“I love seeing all the throwback photos every Thursday on Instagram,” says Bautista, “It’s a shout-out to where our creative spirit began and a reminder to who we’ve become today.”

In the next few weeks, we’ll will be celebrating early moments of creativity by posting photos from the exhibit. Check out our younger years and trigger a few creative memories of your own by following along with #lpkthrowback, #instalpk, #tbt and #throwbackthursday.