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Kiss & Tell—Gillette Conducts Live Experiment to Learn if Women Prefer Stubble to Clean-Shaven Men

Are you ready to kiss and tell? With research hinting that one out of three women has avoided kissing a guy because of facial hair, Gillette decided it was time to do a live experiment.

Last week, Gillette rolled out Kiss & Tell, a campaign inviting couples to make out for research. Gillette asks couples to kiss, once with stubble and once without stubble, to discover which facial hair style they prefer. Now, until February 6, the campaign will be stopping in 15 cities across the nation to conduct the experiment.

If you can’t join the live experiment, you can participate at home by visiting their website.

Check out the documentary “Are We Killing The Kiss?” to learn more about the state of the kiss. Click here to learn more about the Kiss & Tell campaign.

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