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In Good Spirits—5 Cocktails from Around the World to Toast This Season

There’s nothing like getting together with friends and family during the holidays. As an expat, my home is the one I’ve made here in the States, but it’s around this time each year that I begin to miss my home in the UK. The holidays in London provide the perfect opportunity to grab a pint with friends and workmates to wind down the day. Being in a dimly lit, old pub and enjoying the warmth of the people with whom I’m the closest makes for some of my best memories of holiday merriment.

Since I’ve begun designing for our client Jim Beam, I’ve discovered a newfound love for the taste of bourbon. With as much work as we do in the spirits category, I wanted to know how our global coworkers celebrate their holiday season. Thanks to my colleagues, below you can find recipe cards on drinks our global offices have concocted and shared. So here’s a toast to this holiday. Cheers.

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