Be Here. See Here. Live Here. SUNY Passport Encourages Students to Explore New York

27 Nov 2012
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Brian Akers

A few years ago, we had the opportunity to develop a new brand strategy for the State University of New York (SUNY)—uniting all 64 of SUNY’s campuses.

While travelling across the state with Chancellor Nancy Zimpher, we learned that SUNY had the right to own four points of difference: scale and diversity, the character of New York state, the existing SUNY infrastructure and their land grant tradition. We realized our biggest opportunity was to portray the united front of SUNY.

Following the same road map as our overall SUNY brand strategy, we have been able to seamlessly align our brand architecture with the recently launched SUNY Passport—a unique program that offers students and faculty access to New York’s art, cultural, historic and recreational institutions—through the interactive mobile app SCVNGR.

This specific initiative with SUNY Passport is just a sampling of the partnership we’ve held with SUNY since 2009, when we were originally asked to produce a new identity for them.

The goal of the program is twofold: drive interaction between SUNY’s 465,000 students and the community via arts, culture, history and recreation, and revitalize New York’s economy while retaining residency of the students. Our team developed the communication strategy which focuses on the visual, verbal and experiential assets of the program, and drives more interaction between the students and the cultural community.

“Be here. See here. Live here.” That’s the campaign message that is currently spreading to students across New York through SUNY Passport.

With SUNY Passport, students at the University at Albany can explore Howe Caverns or students at Buffalo State can visit the Buffalo Museum of Science at free or discounted rates. SUNY Passport helps students expose themselves to the magnificence of New York—without exposing the insides of their wallets.

In a state like New York, navigating through the sea of culture and art seems like an insurmountable task for the average college student—not to mention the added burden of covering the fees and fares.

Chancellor Nancy Zimpher has taken it upon herself to revitalize New York and create a more vibrant and engaged community. Our continued partnership with SUNY and the launch of the Passport will do just that. Our team is looking forward to watching the program grow and create a deeper connection to the great state of New York—and to the economy.