Random Acts of Kindness—LPK Interns Celebrate World Kindness Week

20 Nov 2012
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Kindness goes a long way—and at LPK, we believe in going the extra mile. Last week, our intern class, comprised of 28 students and recent graduates,  joined together to celebrate World Kindness Week by collectively spreading good will across Cincinnati and around LPK’s global headquarters.

The week began bright and early on Monday morning as interns greeted LPK coworkers at the door with coffee, breakfast and music.

“Mondays are underrated. It’s a new week, everything’s fresh and most of us are more excited than we pretend to be,” said client services intern Naveed Ahmad. “I’m trying to make Monday the new Friday, and I think donuts, coffee and reggae is a good start.”

Greetings at the front door of LPK didn’t stop on Monday morning—a pair of interns served as doormen, welcoming LPKers Wednesday morning.

“Mark (Gierl) and I were surprised how such a small gesture would instantly bring a smile to people’s face,” said design intern Megan Mudman. “Door-holding and good-morning-wishes are a small gesture, but it got everyone’s day started off just right.”

Kindness found its way past the lobby and throughout the offices, comping stations and meeting areas at LPK. Interns, Zanna Haines and Jennifer DiMenna, covered the walls and offices with notes of inspiration. The notes included a few large pull-tab posters of free compliments, encouraging passersby to rip one off and pass along the good vibes. Smaller signs with sayings like, “Working with you is awesome,” and “You are beautiful,” also adorned the nooks and crannies around the office.

“Kindness can last much longer than just the one week we celebrated at LPK. The notes Zanna (Haines) and I created will be up on the walls around LPK for awhile,” says Jennifer DiMenna, design intern. “Every time I see one of our posters with another tab ripped off, it reminds me that our notes are being noticed and appreciated.”

Interns Taylor Spencer and Kathryn Sturm collected canned good for Hurricane Sandy victims and set bags where people could drop off their donations around the kitchens of LPK.

“There are still a lot of people in need because of Hurricane Sandy,” said design intern Kathryn Sturm. “It was important for us to keep up the effort and do what we could to help.”

The LPK interns’ random acts of kindness also spilled out onto the streets of Cincinnati and the surrounding community. Christina Coobatis spent her morning serving food at Our Daily Bread in Over-the-Rhine.

“Volunteering at Our Daily Bread was such a fulfilling experience,” says Christina Coobatis, design intern. “I was able to make connections with all kinds of great people. It’s inspired me to look for a similar organization closer to home so I can help out more often.”

Two other design interns decided to take their kindness to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. The two made chocolate chip and sugar cookies to thank Cincinnati’s finest for their service to the city.

“It was very inspiring for Alex (Azzi) and I to get a glimpse into someone else’s work environment and check out the behind-the-scenes action at the sheriff’s office,” says Shelby Murphy, design intern. “It was great to get a chance to simply thank them for their hard work that often goes unnoticed.”

Trends intern Rebecca Huffman took to the streets of Cincinnati for a vastly different reason. Rebecca handed out red balloons to passersby on Thursday afternoon, spreading happiness to ages of all kind.

“Every day, I experience massive amounts of kindness here at LPK,” says Huffman. “I wanted to pay-it-forward on the streets! Red balloons are highly visible tokens of happiness—every recipient walked away with a smile, and the joy on their faces made my day!”

Interns Jordan Hildebrandt and Erica Abercrumbie helped a friend out with the launch of her own company. They brainstormed and worked to create a logo to help hit the ground running.

“Kindness has the greatest impact when you are helping someone do something that they simply can’t do for themselves,” says Hildebrant. “By applying my design skills, I was able to help a new business owner develop her brand and logo design.

The week wrapped up with a celebration in the form of champagne, cocktails and jazz music. On Friday, LPK employees were greeted in the elevator by design intern David Grenier, who served up champagne and Skinnygirl in a mock-up elevator bar to toast to the work week and the joy that unsolicited kindness brings.

Kindness doesn’t limit itself to our intern class nor for one week. Click here for some ideas on how you can practice random acts of kindness.