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LPK Designers Ready their Shoes, Designs in Anticipation of Cincinnati’s Color Run

The Color Run is coming to town. Pops of pink and purple, bursts of blue, hundreds of runners breaking through clouds of yellow and green. When we heard about this chaotic and colorful event we knew we had to be a part of it. One email and a few days later, we had enough runners and color enthusiasts signed up to form a team of LPKers for this Saturday’s Cincinnati Color Run benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

While the team of LPKers, their family and friends were lacing up their running shoes and training for the run, LPK designers formed a design collaborative to design a team t-shirt. The idea of the collaborative was to allow all the LPK designers participating in the run the chance to contribute to the design of the shirt. The designers had two colors to work with, red and black, and a week to complete the design. Check out the final design below and learn more about our collaborators and their designs.

David Grenier, Design Intern

“I started with a Gotham typeface and a splatter design inspired by the paint splatters in The Color Run’s design. I wanted to start as simple as possible, using geometric shapes, so designers could really build off it. I also love that The Color Run is supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society because one of my favorite musicians, Andrew McMahon from Jack’s Mannequin, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia—so I felt that connection there.”

Alex Azzi, Design Intern

“The action of throwing colors inspired my design. So I wanted to find a way that focused more on the color. That’s why I shifted the red onto the word “color” to give it more emphasis.”

Juliana Perez-Mitchell, Designer

“My design was inspired by running in general. I wanted it to be bold and thought about what the next person could do with my design. I went with the Eclipse font and used a sketch of a shoe. I added color on top of the sneakers so it looked like they were splashed on, hoping to evoke energy from The Color Run.”

Meredith Post, Designer

“I simplified it down a lot. I made the words more legible, so I emphasized “Color Runner” and added gray tones that won’t compete with the colors that will be thrown onto us. The shirt is going to have all these crazy colors all over it but I wanted the red color and type to be read over it. You’re going to want to wear it again because you want people to know you are a color runner.”

Jen DiMenna, Design Intern

“I’ve done The Color Run twice and the best part is coming out of it with this really unique, colorful t-shirt. So I wanted to give our shirt as much white space as possible. I liked the typeface, so I kept that but I toned it down a little to just live in LPK, instead of all the text on the shirt.”

Joel Tucker, Design Director

“I was inspired by the idea of these color explosions and watching the people in slow motion getting splattered with all these different colors. I created this burst of a red explosion to capture that emotion. The Color Run already had an identity so I wanted to add an element that emphasized LPK on there.”

This is the first time The Color Run has been to Cincinnati. It’s a unique experience where runners will have colors thrown on them at each kilometer until the end. Check out their video here.

Will you be at The Color Run? Make sure you say hi if you see us!

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