Brand Consultancy LPK Recognized by the American Graphic Design Awards

17 Sep 2012
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LPK’s designs for Beam Inc. and Pampers have been awarded four 2012 American Graphic Design Awards from Graphic Design USA (GDUSA). Three of the awards are for designs for Beam brands in the packaging category: Skinnygirl Vodka with Natural Flavors, DeKuyper Mixologist Collection and C by Courvoisier.

An additional award is for LPK’s work on a prenatal magazine for new moms, titled “Pampers Village Magazine” in the direct mail category.

GDUSA has sponsored this national design competition for the past 5 years. The competition is open to anyone in the community and honors outstanding work across all media. GDUSA received more than 8,000 entries. It recognizes the top 15 percent with an Awards Certificate of Excellence.

Kevin George, Beam SVP, global chief marketing officer says of his brand’s relationship with LPK, “At Beam, Creating Famous Brands is a key platform we use to move our business forward, which starts at the package. Our partnership with LPK has enabled us to deliver outstanding results for our business. A key driver of our results is the outstanding design work that LPK delivers for us year over year.”

LPK has worked with Beam Inc. (NYSE:BEAM) for over four years on various brands.

“We’ve had the opportunity to bring to life and package some amazing spirits. This batch of remarkable design work is no different,” says Amy Steinmetz, a strategy director at LPK. “Beam has always been willing to let us stretch our creativity and allow our team’s passion for the industry guide their artwork. The LPK team has stocked the shelves with some of the most astonishing graphic design I’ve ever seen.”

GDUSA is also recognizing LPK’s work with the direct mail design award for Pampers’ prenatal Village Magazine.

“At Pampers, delivering relevant and engaging information to moms is critical to our business,” says Tiffany Murphy with Procter and Gamble’s New Mom Brand Operations. “Our partnership with LPK has enabled our Village mailer program to deliver outstanding results for our business.”

“The prenatal Village Magazine is one example of how to successfully connect with moms emotionally, sell Pampers products and develop a life-long relationship with moms everywhere,” says Laura Wright, a project leader at LPK. “The team’s creativity and energy has helped the program stay relevant and engaging through the revolution of the print industry and with the introduction of Gen-Y moms to the category.”