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The Designer’s Code—Nathan Hendricks’ Unprofessional Point of View on How to Make Design Better

Next Wednesday, our Chief Creative Officer Nathan Hendricks will present his point of view on what it will take for design to live up to all we tout it to be. He’ll be presenting “Design, the New Fourth Estate: An Unprofessional Point of View on How to Make Design Better” as part of AIGA’s 2012 Design Week.

“Design, the New Fourth Estate” compares the design profession to journalism, an institution whose practitioners must constantly defend their work, sometimes to the point of doing jail time for it. With that kind of conviction comes serious respect. We think that for design to garner that kind of respect, we need to start with an agreed-upon cultural role, or duty, and a set of standards by which to practice. We asked one of our designers, Alicia Mallory, to illustrate her vision of Nathan’s “Designer’s Code.” You can see her take below.

Nathan will be speaking at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, September 12 at the LPK Mansion. For more information on tickets and the entire AIGA Design Week event schedule, visit AIGA Cincinnati’s website.


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