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LPK’s Nathan Hendricks to Discuss Design as the 4th Estate at AIGA

It’s not something anyone thinks about on the average day, but cultural institutions have a powerful influence over our daily lives. They infuse values and ideals into our identities as individuals and societies. For all that those in the design industry tout their profession to be—world-shaping, business-changing, life-bettering—the reality is that creatives and designers do not hold the same level of influence as institutions such as religion, education or the media.

On Wednesday, September 12th, LPK’s Chief Creative Officer Nathan Hendricks will give an AIGA-sponsored speech to the local design community about how creatives have the power to elevate the profession of design.

“AIGA is excited to have the opportunity to spotlight such a passionate leader in the local creative community,” says LeAnne Wagner, co-president of AIGA Cincinnati. “Nathan’s enthusiasm and insight are infectious and we hope more leaders will be inspired to follow his lead in sharing with the community.”

Hendricks’ talk, titled “Design, the Fourth Estate: An Unprofessional Point of View on How to Make Design Better,” uses journalism’s cultural relevance as a model for how to increase design’s influence on society. In his talk, Hendricks makes the case that journalists elevated their trade, their work and the benefits that work brings to the world by creating and holding themselves to a set of ideals that guide their efforts.

“If we really want design to do what we say it can do—whether it’s for people, the world or business—we’ve got to define our values, establish and agree on ideals and set ourselves apart,” says Hendricks. “Only then can we move design from a profession of service to an institution that influences cultural change.”

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