Future Brand Builders— LPK’s Brian Akers Teaches Kids the Basics of Brand Building

09 Aug 2012
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For the fourth year in a row, LPK Creative Director Brian Akers lent a hand for Procter and Gamble’s Bring Your Kids to Work Day. Akers spent the day teaching kids a little about what their moms and dads do daily as brand builders and leaders.

Akers crafted an activity to teach the group how to create their own personal brand identities. Akers began by quizzing the group with 12 cropped logos of popular brands like LEGO and Google. To no one’s surprise, all the kids from each session were able to correctly identify which image belonged to each of the iconic brands.

Akers discussed how a logo represents a company, but brand attributes are what help an organization communicate with their consumers. Drawing on his experience working with our partners at P&G, Akers associated these brand identities with words, explaining that this is how companies develop a language for communicating a brand’s ideals.

Using the same tactics Akers uses to craft identities for P&G, the kids were able to create their own identity and brand images, including a list of brand attributes.

“It was awesome to see these kids identify the things they love,” said Akers, “then use those things to create their own brand attributes for themselves and then communicate it back to me.”