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Days Away—My Journey to the Olympics

At the very moment of this writing I’m currently sitting in the Olympic Park in the hair and makeup department with my hair in rollers. Today is the final dress rehearsal before the big day on Friday. We have had 4 full dress rehearsals and it feels like the real thing when we perform now because they use all the pyrotechnics and correct lighting. The lighting has been the most surprising—before we were just doing a dance routine on a stage, now it feels like a huge show purely because of the well-designed lighting sequences.

We performed in front of about 60,000 Olympic games makers on Monday which was incredible. Today friends and family have been invited so the stadium will probably be at full capacity, a whole 80,000 people. Everyone is really excited and there is a real buzz in the air.

Walking through the Olympic Park today, the media crews are out en masse. In fact, I just walked past an American interviewer so I am definitely in the background of an American television show.

Just waiting to do my makeup in theatre style, a very dramatic and classic look. Then it’s time to get into costume and head over to the stadium.

Only 2 days left until the big day! Everyone has put in such a huge effort to make this a great success that I am sure it will be.

Tomorrow, the Olympic Torch will be passing the LPK London office on Oxford Street, so we will be sure to be like hawks looking out the windows for it.

The Olympics ‘realisation’ has now hit our city and the atmosphere is fantastic.

Wish me luck and see you on the other side!

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