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Dress Rehearsal—My Journey to the Olympics

So the real countdown begins! Only one week to go until the world is watching us.

Emotions are running high at the moment as we have lost a bit of time due to the weather conditions, so last night at the last minute we were all called for an additional rehearsal as it was sunny. It was the first time in months where we have had a dry rehearsal. It went well and it was the first time we saw some of the aerialists do their section—which was great. Everyone was cheering which brought morale up significantly.

Now that there is only a week to go, I think the excitement will start building. It will start becoming more ‘real’ as all the Olympians start arriving.

Today I am at rehearsals and I have two more on Friday and Saturday this week. It is the first time that they will be held at our holding venue (at the Paralympics stadium) whilst we wait for all the other sections in the opening ceremony to do their part before we go on.

Saturday is our first dress rehearsal, which I can’t wait for. They tested the costume, makeup and hairstyle on some of the girls and it looks amazing.

Even though I have been to the stadium quite a few times now, I still get such a buzz standing right in the middle of the stadium floor with all the lighting and dancing going on around me.

Over the weekend, while we were waiting for our section, we managed to watch the section before us. It was so moving and powerful that people got really emotional watching it. I hope that our part will have the same effect on everyone else. I’m looking forward to watching ourselves on tv, as at the moment I’m in the middle of it all and can’t see the real picture but know it is looking good.

Next time I write I will be only 2 days away from the big event, I can’t believe it’s come round so quickly.

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