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The 10 Hour Rehearsal—My Journey to the Olympics

The Olympics Opening Ceremony is now only just over 2 weeks away, so the countdown is well and truly on. I had a 10-hour rehearsal on Sunday and then a 5-hour rehearsal on Monday. I am certainly clocking up the rehearsal hours now to ensure the performance is perfect.

There has been a slight hitch … the British weather! We have had torrential rain for the last few weeks now and it always seems to hit hard just as our practices start. It is so unfortunate, and means we can’t rehearse fully, as it’s a safety hazard on the slippery stadium floor. Despite the weather, in true British style, we have carried on and have got the kagoules out.

Since my last post, we have integrated more aerial people and have all the lighting sorted, which means it now has a more ‘showtime’ feel! Next week we have our first dress rehearsal. We have already started to wear our shoes and a few pieces of our outfits. When we finally start practising in our makeup and hair, we’ll really look theatrical.

I had a great time on Monday as I got to chat with Danny Boyle and he signed my tabard! We also did some filming and the footage will be integrated on the actual ceremony day.

I am really looking forward to watching and joining the other sections too. It will be great to see what they have been working on for the last few months. The next 2 weeks will continue to be intense with the 5 dress rehearsals, but will certainly be worth it. It’s an extravaganza!

Until next week …

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