Sculptor Anish Kapoor Inspires LPK Designers to Manipulate Space

10 Jul 2012
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Design doesn’t just stop at the computer screen. How a design is experienced when it gets to the hands of the consumer is just as important. Being able to visualize space and how we manipulate it—what it’s like to touch it, hold it and what it looks like where it will reside—is critical to the success of a completed design. Yesterday LPK Beauty unveiled their latest inspirational, artistic retrospective in LPK’s third floor lobby, featuring the art of sculptor Anish Kapoor.

The space features Kapoor’s recent works including Cloud Gate, more commonly known as The Bean, at Millenium Park in Chicago and the controversial 2012 Olympics tower, ArcelorMittal Orbit, in London Olympic Park. Kapoor takes an empty space and manipulates, alters and controls it to create inspirational, interactive works of art.

“We took a high traffic space and activated it,” said Master Designer Chris Bautista, who was the lead creative and implementer of this exhibit. “That’s why we picked a sculptor who manipulates and stimulates space.”

With this retrospective, we hope our designers are inspired to think beyond the page and visualize and influence space through their work.

Check out photos of the unveiling below: