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Into the Stadium—My Journey to the Olympics

Since my last post, I have visited and practised in the stadium three times. Our first session was an introduction and navigation session, but we were divided into rehearsals soon enough. The stadium is incredible. Initially I thought that it appeared smaller than I was expecting, but once I stood right in the middle (literally), I realised the phenomenal size and the expanse of the place.

The rehearsals at the stadium are much more lengthy and my longest rehearsal was from 1pm–10pm. I know in a few weeks that rehearsals will increase to starting at 10am and will go until 12am—so that will be very intensive. I am really excited about the final 2 weeks as my rehearsals begin to incorporate not just my section, but all the sections. We will finally all be able to see how we fit into the whole performance.

I have pretty much got my dance routines sorted now, and I have also been given some new choreography which is really exciting—and means I am involved in more dancing—which is great news.

I found out that I have been allocated 2 tickets to the final dress rehearsal 2 days before the actual opening ceremony. I have given these to my best friend, Georgie, and my mum—they are totally thrilled.

Not long to go…

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