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Plum Reps Portfolio Show Provides Lunchtime Inspiration

Yesterday we hosted a portfolio viewing with Plum Reps, a boutique photography and stylist agency in New York City, to showcase how photography can inspire and inform the design work we do everyday. During the event, LPKers had the opportunity to page through a collection of inspiring portfolios filled by some of the most elite photo pros in the business.

Partnerships with other creative agencies are invaluable to our success and vital to our creative streams. LPK’s internal photo competency has the ability to not only produce stunning commercial photography in house, but also manages relations with an array of outside photography partners. The strong relationships curated by LPK Photo provide our clients with exclusive access to award-winning photographers and stylists the world over.

Check out photos from the event below, in addition to a selection of work from our partner, Plum Reps.

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