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Halfway Through—My Journey to the Olympics

Over the weekend I had my last rehearsals at the open space in east London, which means I am 11 rehearsals in, or rather, halfway through. Next stop the stadium.

Recently, our rehearsals have been very logistics-based, getting in the correct places and positions at the right time. In prior weeks though, it was all about the dance routines, which I have to say I was really missing. This weekend we were back to the choreography though and doing full run-throughs. All the different groups were rehearsing together and it was starting to look like a real show—especially now that the professional dancers have been integrated. I also learnt a new dance, so I have just 6 weeks to get the routine perfected.

We had a discussion on costumes too which is so very exciting. When you see me in the opening ceremonies I’ll have big hair and will be very glitzy!

I have my appointment this week to go and get my Olympic stadium pass and I am expecting top security so it may very well take awhile.

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