Customizing Your Beauty Quotient

16 Apr 2012
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Valerie Jacobs

Subcultures tend to wear their identities on their sleeves—or somewhere else equally as visible. But whether they are piercings, tattoos or types of dress, these visual markers have traditionally been only fashion accessories. With the acceleration of facial recognition technology, however, your face itself may be the next frontier—e.g. your physical characteristics (angle of your nose, distance between your eyes, symmetry of your ears) may be the next “accessories” of niche groups. is a new dating website that first matches users based on the compatibility of their facial structures (based on 9 unique facial points) before moving onto more conventional similarities—rendering the question of “enjoying long walks on the beach” rather pedestrian. The site uses software developed by, whose free facial recognition API now lets developers create their own face recognition apps, opening innumerable possibilities (like a photo-tagging program or a celebrity finder that filters twitter feeds for famous faces). It may not be long before these 9 points are quantified; creating a facial metric that allows customization designed to perfectly mimic celebrities, or even friends and family.

This technology is allowing people to unify their identities through nearly any specification, and as beauty customizations keep up by becoming more finely tuned, these two phenomena will create a feedback loop of continual refinement toward a shared beauty standard. Eventually this trend is likely to create a counter trend, where others will use this same technology to set themselves apart—creating a look that is a complete break from the norm, striving to create the next inimitable standard of beauty.