Pushing the Boundaries of Creative Production—CAC’s "Spectacle" Challenges Assumptions

03 Apr 2012
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We are not conformists. We are individuals. We each bring our own unique perspectives to the table. Our logo may be a square but we cannot be contained by a box. At LPK, it’s our individual competing perspectives that breathe life into the work we do. We’re always ready to challenge viewpoints and be challenged in our own because we know previously unconsidered points of view pave the road to innovation and success.

In our day-to-day lives, we celebrate those who ask us to see things in a new way—which is why we are proud to sponsor the Contemporary Arts Center’s exhibit Spectacle. We’re inspired by the exhibit’s elevation of the music video into the category of contemporary art—challenging assumptions and shifting the world’s perception of what qualifies.

The exhibit, curated by Jonathan Wells and Meg Grey Wells of Flux, explores the medium of the music video as an iconic art form that is constantly being redefined and celebrates its role in pushing the boundaries of creative production. You can see the exhibit that honors the music video as an important and influential expression in modern culture now through September 3rd.