Shapeshifting Soundsuits—Nick Cave Finds Beauty in Forgotten Objects

23 Mar 2012
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Shapeshifting Soundsuits—LPK Gets Invaded by the Arts for ArtsWave Kickoff from LPKdesign on Vimeo.

In January, LPK met world-renowned artist Nick Cave at the center of the Earth. The experience dared us to shift our viewpoints. That evening, speaking at the Cincinnati Art Museum’s opening of his LPK-sponsored exhibit Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth, Cave explained that he experiences beauty in the simplest of things—a gesture of the hand, a forgotten object and even a dream. This beauty transforms each individual aspect of a composition into art.

Cave explained that when a person then dons that composition—like one of his technicolor Soundsuits—another layer of transformation occurs. Their identity is completely altered. Not only do they become a physical part of the art itself, but the experience also adjusts their understanding of who they are as an individual.

During LPK’s annual ArtsWave Campaign Kickoff last week, a group of LPK employees took a walk in Cave’s shoes. Transforming their identities, they donned Cave’s Soundsuits and invaded our buildings. Dancing through our halls, they brought a new level of creative inspiration to life in our workplace.

To see more photos of the invasion, check out our Facebook gallery.