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SmartyWho? LPK Digital Introduces Innovates Winner SmartyTags to the World

We have the great pleasure of working with global mega-brands, but when one thinks back to where many of these household mainstays started, it’s hard to envision their early days as a newly developed product, let alone a full-fledged brand. It’s easy to take those early days for granted, but they’re really a time rich in learning about your product, your company and your brand. We find that working with brands during those early stages sharpens our skills and allows us to encounter new challenges, which is the reason why we were happy to once again support startup organizations like Cincinnati Innovates and the Brandery.

This year LPK Digital chose our Cincinnati Innovates winner, SmartyTags: a QR creation, management and analytics system, with the plan of creating digital assets for the startup. The adoption of QR tags by brands, and our increasing usage of them, made this an intriguing partnership.

When we met with the SmartyTags team of J.B. Kropp and Tony Alexander, we delved into their platform, their current business status, challenges and where they wanted SmartyTags to be in the future.  These discussions led to a decision to have LPK Digital produce a video that SmartyTags could use for educating consumers about QR codes, the benefits of SmartyTags and promote their free account creation.

The journey we went on with the SmartyTags team included various scripts (as we helped determine the tone for their company’s first motion piece, which inevitably will affect future touch points), as well as translating the look and feel of their brand to a new medium.  In the end, the LPK Digital team created a mixture of live action and animation, delivering a fun, instructional video that will likely have everyone running to their computers to create QR codes which allow them to change their destination on the fly and track with analytics tools.

Take a look at some of the work that we created for the project below.

SmartyTags Animatic from LPKdesign on Vimeo.

We created several simple animatic videos to pitch different concepts to the client. This one emphasized the transformative nature of interacting with QR codes.

SmartyTags Behind the Scenes from LPKdesign on Vimeo.

Many layers of adjustments were needed to remove the green background and place the actor into the magical world of flying QR codes.

SmartyTags Final Video from LPKdesign on Vimeo.

The finished product.

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