Spectacle, Transformation, Collaboration—A Meeting of the Minds for All to See

12 Mar 2012
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Being confronted by a new person with new ideas can change you. It forces you to think in new and magical ways. How are you the same or different from those around you? The encounter shifts you into new. Your viewpoint is now influenced by a previously unconsidered perspective. The change inside of you brings new meaning to your life. You begin to shift the perspectives of others.

LPK’s new window installation serves as the stage for a meeting of the minds. Reflecting the individuality of the people who work here, the dialogue found inside these windows demonstrates the values of both creative and strategic thinking and the magic that can happen when two seemingly opposing mindsets meet. This conversation is a precursor to a spectacle, a transformation, a collaboration that results in something extraordinary.

Great design agencies lead with a great understanding of the harmony that can be found in unique and competing ways of thinking. Creating a space for each person to learn from and collaborate with one another is essential to creating the great design that pushes brands forward.

In the coming months, we’ll be exploring and celebrating people and organizations who ask us to see things in a new way. A few include the artist Nick Cave, whose work is currently featured in an LPK-sponsored exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum; “Spectacle,” the Contemporary Art Center’s exploration of the music video as an art form (also an LPK-sponsored exhibit); and ArtsWave, as they focus on the power of art to connect people across communities in their Spring 2012 campaign.

We’re looking forward to challenging our perspective and yours.