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Social Media Specialists Converge on LPK’s BIC for Breakfast With Ford’s Social Media Guru Craig Daitch

Social media specialists gathered at LPK’s Brand Innovation Center last Wednesday to discuss the benefits of applying social media to everyday business practices. Craig Daitch, the US manager of social media for the Ford Motor Company, was the featured speaker and presented his thoughts on “Harnessing the Power of Social Purpose”—a practice that requires more than accumulating online followers.

Creative social media marketing allows people to connect and expand on a brand’s narrative. Ford Motor Company boasts more than 5.5 million collective Facebook fans and Twitter followers and the brand’s team of social media strategists build on that following by engaging and rewarding those who subscribe to their online presence. Another benefit Daitch sees in social media-fueled missions? These ventures are significantly less expensive than traditional advertising campaigns.

Attendees of the sold out event were all atwitter with social media insights, check out tweets from the event here.

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