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When the Going Gets Tough, Design Gets Courageous—DMI Night Out Attendees Talk Creative Solutions

When the going is rough, what direction do you go? The topic of Wednesday night’s DMI Night Out was “Design’s role as a leading industry during challenging times,” hosted by LPK at our Brand Innovation Center (BIC). The event was one of the first in the Night Out series, which will continue in design communities in other cities including Seoul, Dublin and Noordeloos, in the Netherlands.

The evening’s roundtable discussion was led by Design Management Institute President Karen Reuther. This new Night Out series was inspired by the meetings from DMI’s early years in the 1970s, when design managers would gather together at a local Boston bar to share the challenges they faced in their roles.

The conversation converged around the questions of how we can continue to sell the value of design without overcomplicating the beautiful simplicity that it brings to people’s lives, and whether or not the strategic sell-in is as important as the great creative idea.

The answers to those questions? Great design leaders should exemplify the courageous spirit that creatives need to put their best ideas out there—and do it in such a way that our clients can’t help but fall in love with them.

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