Reinventing Branding and Business Through Fashion Design-Valerie Jacobs Details Fashion Thinking in Innovation Magazine

03 Feb 2012
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Hollywood and reality television typically relegate the leaders of the fashion world to the island of misfit designers. Portrayed as fickle and tempestuous ultra-personalities in a whimsically transient field, the image assumes a lack of any tangible connection to the consumer. However, it is fashion itself that simultaneously individuates us from and binds us to the culture around us. It enables us to find our collective niche. The best fashion designers employ a unique and deliberate set of carefully curated strategies to tighten their vise grip on culture and their innate understanding of consumer desire. Embracing their thought processes can spur creative thinking and revitalize your design and innovation process.

Fashion Thinking was crafted by decoding the core capabilities of fashion designers and translating those insights into fundamental principles: crafting an aspirational lifestyle, tapping into the zeitgeist, speed to market, creating desire and anticipation, and storytelling through collection curation. Together, these principles guide and nurture consumers with a vision of their future, aspirational selves and give them the tools to embrace that story. The products you create as a designer become artifacts in a history rather than disposable commodities of the everyday.

To learn more about how thinking like a Fashion Designer can help reinvent your brand and your business, see Valerie Jacobs’ article in the IDSA’s inaugural digital edition of Innovation.