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LPK’s Valerie Jacobs Shares Insights on Consumer Holism at EO SURGE 2011

LPK Vice President, Group Director of Trends Valerie Jacobs will be representing LPK as a speaker at EO SURGE 2011, Thursday, November 17 at Union Terminal. Jacobs joins a lineup of future-forward thinkers that includes one of the most informed futurists in the world, John Peterson. Valerie’s discussion, titled “Fragmegration, Reconciliation and Reunification: Aiding Consumers in their Quest for Dynamic Holism” will draw on her years of experience as a seasoned global design forecaster. In her presentation she’ll detail how brands can tap into the eco-friendly consumer’s conscience to pave the way for guilt-free consumption.

To hear more of Jacobs’ insights, register by visiting EO SURGE’s website.

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