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Fashion Thinking Helps Weave Fabric of Change for United Way

At LPK, we’re committed to our community and passionate about improving the outcomes for the people who live there. This year, LPK decided to think differently about our annual campaign to support the United Way. Tapping into our unique perspective as a creative company, we decided to dream up a new approach in an effort to maximize our results and demonstrate how small gestures can yield a big impact. We imagined that by harnessing the power of our individual passions and the talents of our designers, we could generate increased awareness and broaden our positive impact.

Embracing this spirit, five LPK designers volunteered their time and skills to design artful and original graphic tees to raise money and awareness for LPK’s long-time partner, the United Way. When deciding how much or how little direction to give our designers, we decided what better way to inspire them than to have them participate in a Fashion Thinking session. The designers spent an afternoon using Fashion Thinking’s four principles to guide them and get their creative juices flowing.

Fashion Thinking’s principles are built on the idea that fashion designers are unique in their approach to desire, beauty and objects. Fashion designers embrace the constant change of their industry and fluidly craft actionable concepts and strategies at break-neck speeds. LPK’s designers took part in SCAMPER exercises that encouraged them to create multiple, divergent executions of a concept from a single starting point. The results are showcased in LPK’s windows.

We decided to display the tees to maximize the potential of our project and generate increased awareness of the campaign within our community. We’re giving individuals outside our company the chance help out and support the United Way by selling the tees through October 31st. All proceeds benefit the United Way of Greater Cincinnati and directly benefit our community.

We believe that together we can help design a brighter future by creating opportunities and weaving the fabric of positive change.

There’s still time to get your tee and support the United Way. Get yours here today!

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