The University of Cincinnati and LPK Celebrate 10-year Partnership in Branding

07 Oct 2011
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No matter the client, a strong design identity and cohesive strategy are the cornerstones of a lasting foundation for even the longest-lived legacy brands. 2011 marks the 10-year anniversary of LPK’s partnership with the University of Cincinnati in the school’s branding overhaul and development of its current brand identity.

LPK’s brand guidelines for the university helped reshape more than just its brandmark. The UC branding initiative transformed the college’s identity university-wide, with a strategy developed to span all university programs, departments and possible applications, from the athletic department to UC Health, and even the university’s mascot.

The new era in branding for UC was initially unveiled in 2001, marking our first foray into the academic world. Ten years later, LPK’s brand guidelines continue to be the standards against which all of UC’s branding efforts are measured. For more on our partnership with UC, visit their website.