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There is a Reason You’ve Taken a Shine to It – Valerie Jacobs Speaks on Communicating Value and Driving Desire

LPK Vice President, Group Director of Trends Valerie Jacobs will explore our fascination with shiny objects at the LOOK Better Symposium held at the University of Cincinnati October 13–14. Jacobs will join the group of scholars, artists and media makers for a discussion titled “Let There Be Light — Why We Love Light and Shiny Things.” Drawing on her experience working with global brands, she’ll delve into our visual associations and biological dispositions with light and shine, demonstrating their power to communicate value and drive desire.

This event marks the launch of a new undergraduate certificate in Critical Visions at the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, designed to teach students how to effectively combine critical theory and social analysis with art, media and design practice. It is only open to UC faculty and staff.

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