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LPK’s Elle Morris Joins Discussion at Hong Kong Designers Association Seminar

Vice President and General Manager of LPK Beauty Elle Morris recently spoke as a special panelist at a design seminar held in conjunction with HKDA Global Design Awards in Guangzhou, China. At the event, Morris spoke on the importance of strategy in design and understanding consumer perspective. During the discussion, Morris shared insights on global branding firms’ perspective on design, as well as our role in developing brand strategy and deploying those initiatives holistically.

During her trip, Morris was struck by the difference between the design firms of China and a global branding firm such as LPK. Chinese design firms have little experience developing brand strategy because ad agencies continue to play a large role in China, addressing much of the brand strategy work.

“Design (in China) is all about the personal aesthetic of the designer, so they’re really open to learning and collaborating,” said Morris. “It’s a great exchange because they have a very different aesthetic than we do, which we could learn from and leverage.”


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