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Want to Know How You Can Help? Five Ways to Fight Hunger, from the DRAW Exhibit

Somewhere in the world, every 3.6 seconds, someone dies from hunger, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can help.

This summer, LPK is sponsoring the new Cincinnati Art Museum exhibit: DRAW: Here, There and Everywhere, in an effort to support others as they strive for positive change by raising awareness around hunger-related issues. The DRAW exhibit hopes to harness the power of art to educate and inspire action — and they want you to know that lending a hand doesn’t have to be hard.

The DRAW exhibit not only provides perspective, but also offers a list of opportunities for those who feel inspired to help. From these, we found the following five outlets, which have the potential for significant impact with relatively simple participation.

Play a Game
Are you a vocabulary whiz? Or is geography your thing? Playing a game that tests your understanding of language, mathematics, geography, chemistry or the humanities can actually help end hunger. FreeRice.com donates ten grains of rice every time you answer a question correctly, and while ten grains may not seem like a lot, it adds up quickly. The organization, which began in 2007, has donated more than 91 billion grains of rice, feeding more than one million people.

Bake a Cake
Baking a dozen cupcakes has never done so much good or fed more people. Holding a Share Our Strength Great American Bake Sale in your community feeds more than just your neighbors; it can help end childhood hunger. You can hold a bake sale in your school, church or workplace — in any community that wants to make a difference. Since 2003, the Great American Bake Sale has raised over $4 million toward its goal of making sure no child in America grows up hungry.

Share Your Leftovers
How many shelves of Tupperware, housing mystery dishes of dinners past, greet you when you open your refrigerator? Instead of letting your leftovers languish, why not share them with an elderly neighbor in need? Rising food prices have left many with fixed incomes struggling to pay their bills and feed themselves, often forcing them to make tough choices between paying for medicine, shelter or food. Packaging and distributing your leftovers to a person in need can help fight hunger in your community.

Plant a Row
Fighting hunger in your community can be as easy as planting an extra row in your garden this year. Sowing a row for hunger and donating the extra produce to a local food bank or soup kitchen can help infuse your local organizations with healthy, locally grown vegetables. Plant a Row or PAR is a public-service campaign started by the Garden Writer’s Association, and those participating have donated nearly 12 million pounds of food.

Do More For Less
Have you ever been cruising down an aisle in the local grocery store and wondered who needs ten cans of green beans for $10? The hungry in your community, that’s who. Why not take full advantage of a great sale in your local grocery, taking what you need and donating the rest to your local food bank, shelter or soup kitchen? The 10/$10 deal takes on new meaning when it becomes a way for you to make a dent in hunger in your community.

For more inspiration and tips on how to help fight hunger in your community, visit the Cincinnati Art Museum’s special exhibit, DRAW: Here, There and Everywhere, running now through September 4, 2011.

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