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LPK’s Liz Grubow Shares Insights on Asian Beauty Care at HBA Global Expo

LPK’s Vice President, Group Director of LPK Beauty Liz Grubow will be representing LPK as a speaker at the HBA Global Expo, Wednesday, June 29 at the Javits Center in New York. Grubow’s discussion, titled “China, Korea, Japan: Insights on the Role of Design and Beauty Narratives” will highlight her in-depth consumer research in the area of Asian beauty care. She’ll cover the cultural differences to prepare for, trends to build on, and hang-ups to avoid when designing and marketing products in East Asia.

Grubow also recently guest authored a column for BW Confidential analyzing the latest beauty trends in Asia and how an understanding of regional differences can help brands stand out in a saturated market.

The HBA Global Expo is the beauty industry’s largest product development and educational conference. To hear more of Grubow’s perspective, register for the Expo by visiting their website. For 30% off any conference session, be sure to use the discount code: GPSE.

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