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Happy Chinese New Year to Our Friends Around the World! —LPK China and LPK Singapore

Chinese New Year, also called The Spring Festival, will be celebrated February 3-17 this year. It’s especially popular in Guangzhou, home of LPK China. Known as China’s “flower city,” beautiful flower fairs bloom all over Guangzhou the week before New Year’s Eve. Bold red flowers take center stage in celebrations — they bring good luck and fortune.

In Singapore and China, residents will ring in the Year of the Rabbit with fireworks, lion dances, bunny cards, pet rabbits, and even rabbit-themed iPhone apps.

Korea, Mongolia and Tibet will also be welcoming in the Year of the Rabbit with their own traditional celebrations. Vietnam will welcome the Year of the Cat; their 12-sign lunar zodiac calendar has no rabbit because they see the cat as a natural balance for the dog.

Which of the Chinese lunar zodiac signs were you born under?



















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